Foods that attack your body

Let's look at auto-immune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis or celiac disease... We really don't know crap about how to treat most auto-immune disease because we still don't know the causes (I discuss this in reference to arthritis and fibromyalgia in my last blog post). We know while suffering from an […]

Three plums with leaves on white background.

4 Uncommon Sources for Bone Strength 1

When I first started helping my mother with her Fibromyalgia, I was carefully observing all of her symptoms. Like many dis-eases, there is no test for Fibro—doctors just test and classify symptoms and name the dis-ease for diagnosis. In my opinion, doctors treating Fibromyalgia this way seems to be their […]

How language affects our emotions

Do you believe there's power in words? When I was going to church as a child I always heard that scriptures related to the power of the tongue."Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof." --Proverbs 18:21I remember reading […]


What do you know about body language?

Body Language There are multiple published studies from Homeland security, CIA, AT&T which all discuss that 85% of communication is nonverbal. Communication that is nonverbal can include tones but it mostly includes body language. Some people are innately aware of basic body language: facial expressions, gestures, arms crossed, fists made. But […]

Are you deficient in iodine? 3

What is iodine? Iodine is a highly beneficial nutrient. Iodine has also shown a few Apoptosis qualities, which cause cancer cell death and inhibit cancer cell growth. We discovered some of iodine's function in the early 1900's, but it became a big deal in 1920 when Goiter became an epidemic. Goiter […]