Medicating Disease Symptoms

A common practice here in the U.S. is to medicate any and all disease symptoms, rather than looking to the cause and treating them with grocery foods and food/herb based supplements. I’m going to go over some common diseases/symptoms that you may be used to taking antibiotics and medication for, […]

Trust vs Concern

We are not born with fear. A baby is afraid of nothing. Fear is a learned behaviour. Fear often comes from when something bad happened to us before and we’re afraid of it happening again. In some ways fear is good. We recognize that a stove is hot because we’ve burned our hand […]

2 Healthy Ways to Lose Weight Quickly

There are many ways you can lose weight quickly, but only a couple that I’ve found that are healthy, sustainable options for rapid weight loss. Whether you compete in some form of martial arts or simply want to look good in your bikini next week, you can apply these techniques […]

4 Ways to Gain Healthy Weight

Are you someone who, rather than wanting to lose weight, are actually searching for a way to maintain (or gain) good, healthy weight? This is something I am often helping clients with. People can struggle to keep weight on for a number of reasons. Sometimes they’re physically active, sometimes they’re […]

Eating: A Socially Acceptable Addiction

Eating is a socially acceptable addiction. Thanks to studies done on rats, we humans have learned some valuable lessons about addiction. Poor rats, we’ve gotten them addicted to every drug. We do all sorts of studies on them. And do you know, of all the rats we’ve ever gotten addicted […]