Top 10 Simple Rules for Eating & Being Healthier


Every day I have some of the same conversations over and over, because well good dietary advice is rare and many people are seeking help. We're not taught anything in schools, and what we are taught I have found is more misinformation than quality science.

Having a diet customized for you requires really in depth understanding about how you live your life, what your struggles are, where you live, what you do, how you grew up eating, and so much more. However some very basic rules, can dramatically improve you and your family's life with how you eat without any complex understanding of food required.

Here are my 10 Simple Rules:

1.) Always Eat Breakfast. Eat within 30 minutes of waking up, unless you're doing morning fasted exercise then eat within 30 minutes of completion. Metabolically start your day, giving you energy through the day has been proven many times over the most important meal of the day is breakfast.

2.) Don't Snack. Eat full meals, intermittent snacking can keep you from your goals of fat burning by keeping your blood glucose high. If it's not time for your next meal, try drinking more water to curb your appetite. We often get hunger signals for what is actually thirst.

3.) Don't Drink A Lot While Eating. Liquids can dilute and slow the digestive process, sip as needed. To improve digestion drink water 15 minutes before your meal.

4.) No Heavy Carbohydrates & Fats For Dinner. Carbs and Fats are not needed for dinner or last meals of the day. You will sleep better and you won't spike your energy levels.

6.) All Meals Should Have Protein. Plant or animal base, a small amount of protein should be the foundation of every meal. Carb only meals are common on our society, but they can be problematic, it's one of the reasons why diabetes is on the rise.

7.) Be Thankful. Take a moment and show gratitude for your food, if it's your practice say a blessing over it. The lost respect for your food, is a lost respect for your own health.

8.) Take Your Time, Chew Your Food. Simply chewing more can make it easier on your body to digest and absorb your food. I work with a lot of families, the lost practice of enjoying a meal time together is one every family should institute. Fast food society, don't become a fast eating person.

9.) Evaluate Your Food Decisions. Look down at your food, is what you're eating Helping or Hurting you? It's a very simple question, but when asked gives you a fresh perspective about the things you're eating daily. Is it processed? Is it high sugar? Do I have enough fruits/veggies?

10.) Fun and Easy. Eating Healthy does not need to be a hard miserable process. Look up new Healthy Recipes each week, learn how to make things you love that your body loves too.

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